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PTSD Recovery Expedition Day 2 – Connect to Consciousness

After a long day yesterday chopping down a few thin timbers, and trying to scout out a way to drive the ATV up the avalanche path we soon realized their is absolutely no possible way to get our camping supplies, axes, food and water up this path ( unless we had an extra 2 weeks and a chain saw ) we had to do it like they did in the old days and just mule it all up on our own backs.

So we grabbed our water jug and filled er up.

Off we went again for the long gruelling hike back up the wash with what felt 200 pounds on each of our backs.

We stopped about 1/2 way up to try and send a text message to our social media with the Garmin. We’ve been having a lot of troubles with this Garmin / Social Media / Website connection for weeks now and to be straight up with you , there’s really nothing more frustrating to me than to have my head down for so many countless and senseless hours on end trying to download, upload these plastic devices.

When your trying to raise awareness in the middle of nowhere completely off grid with no chance for a internet connection and while we have many people from around the world following our journey, I felt it would be really cool and best to have an option for our friends to be able to log in to our website at anytime and be able to pin point our precise location and follow the pings off of google maps so they can see how many miles of hiking over the extremely rough terrain is being done each day, each minute hour after hour weather its back and forth to base camp, or just being able to track the tire distance each day with elevations and full days – in hopes to paint a more clear picture as to the real hard work that goes into such a expedition.

It would be safe to say and evident that not only do these devices give me the greatest headache ever, but there are times where it makes me feel a bit bloated too.

Unsure if that’s a natural reaction but after a few deep breaths we continued onto our Base Camp.

Now armed with a much more powerful axe rather than just the hatchet we were using yesterday, we were able to take down a few bigger, stronger ( already dead ) trees for our floors.

Jill did a great job at all the details around Camp , clearing the a level path in and out of Camp, to and from the  restroom, and was a pretty cool idea that she gathered up some soft fresh Douglas Fir branches , I loved how respectful she was to the baby treelings , being careful to have only taken 2 maybe 3 branches from each new tree.

After 2 long hard days of hiking back and forth, chopping, sawing, debarking. laughing and day dreaming of all of this summers campers building their own shelters .. it was time to just lay back, take a nice deep breath and embrace this very moment.

As I held my glass of water up to the trees I like to look through the glass every morning and see the water as my life today.

As I look through it, I smile and thank this water fir my life, my health and my strength today. Peering  through the glass I always consciously connect to the amount of life and natural energy this see through liquid has in it. I always leave the glass out and full the night before bed so that the first thing that goes into my body in the morning is a calm, stress free sip of life.

We are not able to exist without it. We are all just water and water is everything to anything that is alive.

For me, consciously connecting to it and thanking this water is a very important part  of my process, my daily routine, my personal formula before I start my day, everyday.

Today, you can help the Surrey Communities next generation learn how to connect to consciousness also by supporting The Surrey Firefighters Charitable Societies Mental Health Initiatives Fundraiser.

Raffle Honda


Thank you for your time and support.
Your Friend, Our Voice

Terrance J. Kosikar 


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