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What is together we camp

Together We Can Recovery Centre has partnered with Camp My Way to create, Together We Camp. The result is a camp retreat that allows men and their families to treat and heal their addiction and mental health challenges in a therapeutic, structured, and nurturing environment.

Together We Can works directly with Veteran Affairs Canada to provide addiction services for their members. After completing a 30-60 day program of recovery, first responders become eligible to participate in the Together We Camp program.

The camp is located completely off the grid in the backcountry Mountains of British Columbia Canada. This outdoor adventure based program teaches Campers how survive off grid, and respect our land that Mother Nature has provided all of us to enjoy and appreciate our gift of life today.

Our self sustainability, combined with outdoor Adventure is aimed to help our Emergency Service Providers, and Veterans who struggle with Operational Stress Injury(OSI) and PTSD get their lives back…Naturally.


The ultimate goal is to help people get their lives back and reconnect with their family and friends through teamwork, self-discipline, meditation, exercise, nutrition and sharing positive experiences, in a natural environment.

We have designed a program of activities and adventure for our campers to push personal limits, break down barriers, and re-establish a relationship not only with nature, but also with themselves. These experiences will provide our campers with the tools to cope with everyday struggles, and teach them about problem solving strategies, setting new goals and the importance of daily routines.

Our facilitators and guides are our Local Native community – N’ Quatqua /St’at’imcets Nations – along with Mt Currie.

18 day support camp itinerary

Week 1

8 days – D’Arcy, BC

5 AM-10 AM: Meditation – Tea/Coffee – Breakfast (organic)
10 AM-12 PM: Exercise Regimen, military obstacle coarse, glacier dips, stretching
NOON-1PM: Lunch
1 PM-3 PM: Log cabin building, teepee building, pit house building, sweat lodge building, fly fishing, art therapy, massage therapy, outdoor survival training, self-sustainability off grid, gardening, caring for chickens, horses, pigs.
3 PM-3:30 PM: Refuel – 2nd Lunch
3:30 PM-6:00 PM: Back to work – Clean up
6 PM-7 PM: Dinner
7 PM-8:30 PM: Group check in
8:30 PM: Snack – Desert – Protein shakes
9 PM: Free time to go to lake – Fishing – Read – Relax – Walk Around – Bedtime
Repeat x 5 days
Day 6 – 7
Hike up to cabin at Twin Lakes – spend 1 night

Day 8
Prepare for 7 day canoe trip/portage

Day 9 – 10
Depart – Anderson Lake – 26 km canoe

Day 11
Lost valley – Almeida Hut – Base Camp 2

Day 12
Portage to Seton Lake – Camp at BC Hydro Camp Site

Day 13
Drive to top of Mission Mountain – 15 kms – Hike to Base Camp 3 – set up camp

Day 14
Day hike – hike to tip of Pimple Mountain – Back to Base Camp 3

Day 15
Return to Campsite on Seton Lake, Paddle 14 kms – Buddha Retreat – Base Camp 4

Day 16
Paddle 10km – lillooet, drive back to – Base Camp 1 – over Duffy

Day 17
Graduation Ceremony – Free Time for Couples

Day 18
Helicopter/float plane/bush plane pick up – back to Vancouver

By 2021, Together We Camp/Camp My Way would like to be fully
Operational Year round, Offering 60, 90 day – 6 month programs,
including 30 day Youth at Risk Boot Camps.

Our Sponsors

Together We Can would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their generous
support and continued funding: