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GEAR DRIVE / Fundraiser Camp My Way

CAD 0 Needed Donation

With every $1000 raised worth of gear or funds, we will be flipping our 400 pound tractor tire around the sea wall in Stanley Park Vancouver.

The real benefit of flipping our tire in the public eye like this, allows us to help raise awareness to Post Traumatic Stress – Mental health – Addiction Recovery.

Who is helping us flip this tire ?

Our team of warriors from the Together We Can Drug and Alcohol Education Society , will be off restriction from the treatment center on Canada Day from 11 am – 3 pm to to help us raise awareness, and also flip this tire around the sea wall.



Clearly this is beneficial in many ways .

  1. Starting out our day with a smudge/ meditation on the beach.
  2. Connecting and meeting with new people –  helping spread the word that recovery is possible, and enjoy being “in the moment” – Together We Can
  3. We are doing the service – Our main goal is to get out and enjoy the day, and do the much needed work from our volunteer warriors to help bring more public awareness to all Mental Health Challenges.
  4. We hope by launching this Tire flipping Program on a monthly basis, will inspire and motivate many people around the world to follow our lead by starting their own similar awareness programs that will help thise who suffer in silence know that “they are not alone”.



By Raising Awareness brings education – with education comes an understanding , with a better understanding of Post Traumatic Stress, Addiction, we can help support and De- stigmatize Mental Health challenges in a safe,  healthy all natural environment.

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